Why do you get up


Gratefulness is what keeps us happy. But most of us always want for more. It’s just part of the human nature. It’s what keep us moving forward. We want something and we make great efforts to achieve it. But no matter whether or not we finally achieved it, we should always be grateful. Gratefulness and Desire are not contradicting each other.


A few years ago, I was a fresh graduate looking for jobs. If you ask me what jobs, I would say any job. I meant it. Any job that can cover my living expenses would be wonderful. Those who has been there should know how frustrating job hunting is. It’s even harder to find a job where you know nobody, while your family living at the other side of the planet.


Somehow I got an entry level job, not quite analytical. I was thankful for the fact that I had a job while a lot of my friends still didn’t. But certainly I want more. Like a lot of you who are reading this, I wanted a better job. More analytical, higher compensation, bigger platform and so forth.. I wanted to have a job not only cover the living expenses, but also enable me to save money, to live comfortably. I wanted to have the ability to treat my friends and my loved ones better. I wanted to take them traveling to the places we’ve been dreaming of. I wanted to take them out for a nice dinner without feeling guilty… The list goes on and on. These things have been motivating me. These are desires.


I am thankful for all the good things happening to me. But of course, there are new desires. I want to share the skills I wish I had learnt when I was looking for jobs. I want to enable more people to fulfil their dreams. That’s why I get up at 6 on a Saturday morning.


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