Leave a legacy

As analysts, we work in corporate settings, constantly dealing with numbers and charts. I’m very proud of what I do and what I’m good at, but sometimes I keep wondering about the big question: When I die, what kind of legacy will I leave behind?

Fancy charts and reports?


What I realized recently is that we are all powerful individuals. Everything we do at every moment is actually changing the world. For example, I created a quarterly report at work. The draft got thrown in the trash. I can choose to think that my efforts were wasted, thus no value was created. However, I can also choose to think that I gained the knowledge of doing a high-quality report. Then I go online and started my Excel course and webinars. Thousands of students benefited from them. One of them may use this knowledge to become great at his or her job, then become a leader. That would be my contribution to the world.

When I realize what kind of impact my actions could be, I take everything I do seriously. Instead of dragging my feet to work and complaining about it, I’m committed to providing high-quality work all the time. I want to leave a legacy in the world. What about you?

Speaking of legacy. I’m part of the Gratitude Training Masterful Living community, and we are the people who stand for a transformed world NOW. We have partnered with nonprofit organizations such as Kids in Distress and Together We Stand (Aquaponic Gardens and Practical Education) to build a community garden where underprivileged children get to realize they matter through harvesting fruits and vegetables, as well as different activities. The children are the future of the world, and the last thing we want is them wasting talents and lives.


On February 11th and 12th, the children of “Kids In Distress (KID)” will go to 3350 N 57 Drive Hollywood, FL for recreational and practical learning. On a monthly basis, the children from “KID” will return to the garden in order to maintain and ultimately to be able to enjoy the fruits of their labor.

We are raising funds to build this garden. If you want to live in a world where children are raised to do good things when they grow up,  please MAKE A DONATION NOW for that to happen.


Be aware of what your impact is to the world.




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