How to show only the “Month” of a date (GIF Tutorial)

Is there a time when you ask a question, hoping for a quick answer, and then you spend the next 5 minutes listen to a long story?

That’s how I feel when I only need the month, but the Excel is giving me the long date…

So I’m introducing this hidden gem: “TEXT” formula. The application is actually much wider than format a date. However, that’s what I mostly use it for. This formula is used to change the number format of a given cell, to anything. It could be month: “mmm”, month with year: “mmm-yyyy”, or even decimal points with dollar sign: “$0,000.00”.text

It would be the same effect if you go into “number formatting” function. However, the benefit of the using TEXT formula, instead of changing the format of the cell, is that the format stays the same even when you change the format. Sounds strange, right?


You will understand the benefit if you use “Format Painter” often, where you copy the format from one cell to another. Number formatting will be copied as well. If you only want to copy the cell color, border, font except number formatting, you will realize how helpful “TEXT” formula is.

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